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A connector or power supply solution that matches, we don’t settle for anything less’

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This is how we work

Battmaster.eu is a joint website of A&C Solutions and Nextys. Nextys has developed the battery monitoring system Battmaster®. A&C Solutions is a distributor for Battmaster® in Europe.

This website focuses exclusively on Battmaster®. Besides Battmaster®, A&C Solutions (www.ac-solutions.be) also specializes in connector & power supply solutions for industries like Lighting, Industrial Automation & E-mobility. Find out here how we work.


You're our centerpiece

At A&C Solutions we don’t sell products, we sell solutions. A solution only becomes one when it fully meets your requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a connector, power supply, a complete battery monitoring system (BMS) or a fully customized cable set. We are there to help you find the right match at the best conditions available in the market.

A team of experienced professionals

Many engineers who contact us often have lost their way into the overwhelming product offer available on the market.  A&C Solutions has a professional team of connector, power supply and BMS specialists with sector specific knowledge. Based on your specifications, we outline the possibilities and advise you the best solution for your application.


Knowledge and product range tailored to each market

Battery monitoring systems are used in many different markets. The same applies to connectors and power supplies. This makes the scope of our business pretty wide. Within A&C Solutions, we feel it is important that we understand our customers’ business. That is exactly why we have chosen to align our knowledge and product range with targeted markets. For connectors and power supplies we focus on markets like Automation, E-mobility and LED lighting. Within these markets, our world is built around a selective group of 12 manufacturers that each have a leading role in their field of business. For the battery monitoring system Battmaster®, we work exclusively with Nextys for industries like medical, automation, energy generation and  telecom.

Partnership with our suppliers is the key to our success

We believe that we can only do a good job for our customers when we work in close partnership with our suppliers. Good partnerships allow us to better meet the demands of our customers when it comes to customized solutions, assemblies, delivery times, expertise and flexibility. Together we are a strong team of professionals!

Satisfying our customers is what makes us tick!

source: customer satisfaction survey 2018

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